is a self taught design leader focused on brand standards, design systems, and service design.


Head of Design Systems at Cash App, and volunteering with US Digital Response.


2020-Present Enterprise design systems, at-scale brand evolution, core product architecture, global and localization strategies, and accessibility frameworks at Netflix, before joining Cash App.

2015-2019 Worked primarily in the cannabis industry consulting with various companies on service design, brand strategy, product design, and supply chain architecture before co-founding Proper, a consumer trials and commerce business.

2010-2014 Focused on service and product design related projects with companies like Delta, Sweetgreen, Managed By Q, Xfinity, and LinkNYC.

2005-2009 Cut teeth working with brands figuring out how to behave digitally and early on web product design for enterprise orgs like Adobe, Red Bull, Nike, and Procter & Gamble.

Case Studies available upon request, give me a shout!


Year Company Industry Description
2007 Adobe Software App UX/UI, Campaign Strategy, Creative Direction & Production
2015 Alan Brothers Supply CPG Brand Strategy & Identity, Responsive Web UX/UI, Package Design
2016 AOL Software Platform Strategy, Org Design Strategy, Web UX/UI, Design Team Mgmt
2017 Beats Audio Electronics Ecosystem Strategy, Responsive Web E-Comm UX/UI
2011 Big Foote M+S Media Production Site Architecture, Web UX/UI
2009 Blackberry Telecom Creative Campaign Concept, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2007 Boar’s Head Food Campaign Concept, Creative Direction & Production
2018 Bond Security Product Strategy, iOS & Android App UX/UI
2015 Chanel Cosmetics Product Strategy, iOS iPad App UX/UI
2015 Comcast Telecom Design Team Mgmt, Retail Ecosystem Strategy, UX/UI iOS Experiences
2013 Danone Food Product Concept and Strategy
2011 Delta Travel Product Strategy, iOS App UX/UI, Creative Production
2012 Discovery Channel Entertainment Product & Platform Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI
2013 DoStuff Media Events Platform Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI, Brand Strategy & Identity
2009 Emirates Travel Campaign Concept, Web UX/UI
2011 Expedia Hotels Hospitality iPad App UX/UI Concepts
2010 Fav & Co Media Product Strategy, Responsive Web App UX/UI
2012 Finish Line E-Commerce Product Strategy, E-comm UX/UI, Design Team Mgmt
2006 Flickaday Software Product Strategy, Web App UX/UI, Creative Direction
2012 Flipboard Software Product Concept Strategy, UX/UI iOS App
2015 Flow Kana Cannabis Product & Brand Strategy, Package Design, Responsive Web UX/UI
2012 Fuse TV Entertainment Platform Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2013 Google Software Product Concept Strategy, UX/UI Android Apps
2007 Harmonix Gaming Site Architecture, Web UX/UI
2007 Helping Hands Non-Profit Site Architecture, Web UX/UI
2012 HighSnobiety Fashion Product Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI
2012 HP Software Product Strategy, Design Team Mgmt, Responsive Web App UX/UI
2007 Kashi Food Web Platform UX/UI
2014 LinkNYC Technology Product Strategy, Android Tablet & Mobile App UX
2015 Managed By Q Professional Services Workflow Research & Observation, Product Strategy, UX/UI iPad App
2016 Milq Software Product Strategy, iOS App UX/UI
2010 NBC Television Web UX/UI
2020 Netflix Entertainment Enterprise Design Systems, Tooling, R&D
2009 New Balance Athletic Footwear Site Architecture, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction & Production
2008 Nike Fashion Site Architecture, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction & Production
2011 OTG Management Hospitality Product & Service Design Strategy, UX/UI iPad App
2009 Pampers CPG Web Platform Strategy, iOS App Concept Strategy
2013 Percolate Software Product Strategy, UX/UI Web Apps
2016 Pharm Cannabis Research, Technical Ecosystem Strategy
2018 Proper Cannabis Design Leadership, Product Vision, General Management
2012 Rabbit Content Production Responsive Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2008 Red Bull CPG Platform Strategy, UX/UI Web, Creative Direction, Design Team Mgmt
2008 Red Bull Air Race Sports Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2008 Red Bull Toro Rosso Sports Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2009 Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Museum Site Architecture, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction & Production
2010 Sabra CPG Ecosystem Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI, Creative Production
2014 Salido Hospitality Brand & Product Strategy, UX/UI Web+iOS Ecosystem
2013 Sea to Table Food Services Product Strategy
2012 Selectism Fashion Site Architecture, Responsive Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2006 Shepley Bulfinch Architecture Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2015 Steinway Music Digital Ecosystem Strategy
2017 Stella Software Product Strategy, UX/UI Mobile Web, Creative Strategy
2012 Stone Castle & Partners Investment Product Concept Strategy
2014 Sweetgreen Restaurant Research & Observation, Product Strategy
2013 Time Hop Software Mobile App Strategy
2012 Time Inc Entertainment Product Concept Strategy
2012 Titel Media Lifestyle Ecosystem & Platform Consolidation Strategy
2008 Webby Awards Awards Site Architecture, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction