John Sullivan Hamilton

Designer At Large


Working on Design Systems at Netflix until late 2021, but open to conversations. Got an interesting challenge? Let’s chat.

Case Studies

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Year Company Industry Description
2007 Adobe Software App UX/UI, Campaign Strategy, Creative Direction & Production
2015 Alan Brothers Supply CPG Brand Strategy & Identity, Responsive Web UX/UI, Package Design
2016 AOL Software Platform Strategy, Org Design Strategy, Web UX/UI, Design Team Mgmt
2017 Beats Audio Electronics Ecosystem Strategy, Responsive Web E-Comm UX/UI
2011 Big Foote M+S Media Production Site Architecture, Web UX/UI
2009 Blackberry Telecom Creative Campaign Concept, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2007 Boar’s Head Food Campaign Concept, Creative Direction & Production
2018 Bond Security Product Strategy, iOS & Android App UX/UI
2015 Chanel Cosmetics Product Strategy, iOS iPad App UX/UI
2015 Comcast Telecom Design Team Mgmt, Retail Ecosystem Strategy, UX/UI iOS Experiences
2013 Danone Food Product Concept and Strategy
2011 Delta Travel Product Strategy, iOS App UX/UI, Creative Production
2012 Discovery Channel Entertainment Product & Platform Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI
2013 DoStuff Media Events Platform Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI, Brand Strategy & Identity
2009 Emirates Travel Campaign Concept, Web UX/UI
2011 Expedia Hotels Hospitality iPad App UX/UI Concepts
2010 Fav & Co Media Product Strategy, Responsive Web App UX/UI
2012 Finish Line E-Commerce Product Strategy, E-comm UX/UI, Design Team Mgmt
2006 Flickaday Software Product Strategy, Web App UX/UI, Creative Direction
2012 Flipboard Software Product Concept Strategy, UX/UI iOS App
2015 Flow Kana Cannabis Product & Brand Strategy, Package Design, Responsive Web UX/UI
2012 Fuse TV Entertainment Platform Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2013 Google Software Product Concept Strategy, UX/UI Android Apps
2007 Harmonix Gaming Site Architecture, Web UX/UI
2007 Helping Hands Non-Profit Site Architecture, Web UX/UI
2012 HighSnobiety Fashion Product Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI
2012 HP Software Product Strategy, Design Team Mgmt, Responsive Web App UX/UI
2007 Kashi Food Web Platform UX/UI
2014 LinkNYC Technology Product Strategy, Android Tablet & Mobile App UX
2015 Managed By Q Professional Services Workflow Research & Observation, Product Strategy, UX/UI iPad App
2016 Milq Software Product Strategy, iOS App UX/UI
2010 NBC Television Web UX/UI
2009 New Balance Athletic Footwear Site Architecture, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction & Production
2008 Nike Fashion Site Architecture, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction & Production
2011 OTG Management Hospitality Product & Service Design Strategy, UX/UI iPad App
2009 Pampers CPG Web Platform Strategy, iOS App Concept Strategy
2013 Percolate Software Product Strategy, UX/UI Web Apps
2016 Pharm Cannabis Research, Technical Ecosystem Strategy
2018 Proper Cannabis Design Leadership, Product Vision, General Management
2012 Rabbit Content Production Responsive Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2008 Red Bull CPG Platform Strategy, UX/UI Web, Creative Direction, Design Team Mgmt
2008 Red Bull Air Race Sports Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2008 Red Bull Toro Rosso Sports Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2009 Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Museum Site Architecture, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction & Production
2010 Sabra CPG Ecosystem Strategy, Responsive Web UX/UI, Creative Production
2014 Salido Hospitality Brand & Product Strategy, UX/UI Web+iOS Ecosystem
2013 Sea to Table Food Services Product Strategy
2012 Selectism Fashion Site Architecture, Responsive Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2006 Shepley Bulfinch Architecture Web UX/UI, Creative Direction
2015 Steinway Music Digital Ecosystem Strategy
2017 Stella Software Product Strategy, UX/UI Mobile Web, Creative Strategy
2012 Stone Castle & Partners Investment Product Concept Strategy
2014 Sweetgreen Restaurant Research & Observation, Product Strategy
2013 Time Hop Software Mobile App Strategy
2012 Time Inc Entertainment Product Concept Strategy
2012 Titel Media Lifestyle Ecosystem & Platform Consolidation Strategy
2008 Webby Awards Awards Site Architecture, Web UX/UI, Creative Direction


Hi there, I'm John. A designer slash entrepreneur enamored with the choreography of brand, product, & service.

Based in Brooklyn, NY where I‘ve mostly been since 2007 aside from some short stints in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Boston. Grew up in southern New Hampshire equal distance to the beach, city, and lakes region in a giant family.


Like a director dabbling with different aspects of film production to hone their craft, I've spent the last twenty years exploring various flavors of the design process, for every shape and size human need.

I've designed
Web platforms, native apps, matchbooks, interfaces in public spaces, enterprise intranets, interiors, brand stories, service model blueprints, weed packaging, investor decks, digital ecosystem consolidation roadmaps, research plans, cost reduction strategies, point of sale, content production workflows...

Expecting mothers, bartenders that hate when you split the bill, anxious travelers, teenagers into action sports, millennials planning for kids and senior care, homeless high school students, hypebeasts, HENRYs, folks struggling to sell weed legally, aspiring piano players...

Hospitality management groups, cross functional teams of over fifty, co-founders that have an idea, Fortune 500 companies, IT & infrastructure partners, teams in four different timezones, R&D/innovation departments, small product teams, leadership groups in one location, lifestyle brands, SaaS companies, and entirely distributed teams.